Danny Kou, Executive Chef and Owner 

Danny Kou is a Chef from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts from Los Angeles, California. He has been in charge of different kitchens of renowned Peruvian restaurants in the United States such as “Balcones del Peru” and  “El Rocoto” in Los Angeles and  “Osaka”  in Hollywood, California. His most recent kitchen was that of “La Mar-Peruvian Cebicheria” from Gaston Acurio in San Francisco. He served as the executive chef there for 3 years.

Danny is very passionate for Peruvian food and has received the distinction of Ambassador of Peruvian gastronomy in the United States by “Sierra Exportadora,” a Peruvian institution looking to promote products from the Peruvian Andes. Danny has also received several awards by the United States Senate in Washington, DC. In addition to that, he is the culinary director of “Peru to the World Expo” in New York and member of the association of innovative chefs Association of the University of California, Berkeley.

Danny’s cuisine specializes in fish and seafood as well as French and Chinese cuisine inherited  from his family’s legacy.